Fax absolutely necessary?

I’ve registered an account, but since I don’t have my own card (where I live, cards are more of an inconvenience for the common folk, rather than the other way around), I grabbed my moms, since her company gave her one. But now it appears I’ll most probably need to jump through some (ugly) hoops. Hell, I don’t even know where I can find a fax(they’re not common here). And faxing to the US won’t be cheap.
Can some “over the net” alternative be achieved?

(I could send you a photo of me, my ID, the credit card, with “Moldova sucks” sign >_>)

UPDATE: Also, the control panel doesn’t load properly. It fully loaded once, but the other 15 times it just goes here, https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi, and stops loading with the page blank.

This has been talked several times (I’ve also suggested it), but it seems that fax is the only way.

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Hi Seyen and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Firstly I should point out that this is primarily a customer to customer forum, although some DreamHost folk do post here on a semi regular basis.

Have DreamHost actually requested a FAX? It is not required in all cases, only when DreamHost feels that there may be a chance of fraud. I don’t think anyone outside of DreamHost knows exactly what application details trigger a request for a FAX, but I guess using a credit-card in a name other than your own would be fairly likely to be one of them.

I don’t think email is acceptable, but you may be able to mail the credit-card rubbing in via regular mail. It will take longer, especially over the holiday period, but it might be the easier option for you.

Are you using FireFox? There is a long running problem with the panel and Firefox, with a blank page being displayed directly after log-in. Various methods have been known to solve the problem, including clearing your browser cache and restarting FireFox, or simply pressing the Reload button when the blank page is displayed.


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This topic has been discussed many times. A fax authorization is necessary.

I has the same problem (see a blank page after login) even with IE. Simple, just refresh the page and it will be loaded properly.

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[quote]Moldova sucks


Is that the underwater place in Dilbert’s?

[quote](I could send you a photo of me, my ID, the credit card, with “Moldova sucks” sign >_>)


Could you stop in at the drive-through? :->

They need more support help.
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Ha! Now that is funny! :slight_smile:


why not to pay using paypal. You don’t need to fax and can still use the promo code.

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good suggestion. but I think seyen has already paid using a CC.

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Yeah, and I used your promo code, too. They send me a “Grab this form, fill it out, and fax it”.

Also, sending something by mail from Moldova to the US would take 30 or more days, and has a 30% probability of not getting there, courtesy of our local diligent mailmen. I need a fax radar.

you already see the problem. time for you to start a business to solve the problem.

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Hey could you send the CCV for that credit card too? (just kidding)


I’m pretty new to DreamHost too, but I had the same issue while I was in Africa. I took a pic of the form all filled out and put my card next to the rubbing. That worked for me. I’m sure if you send an email, they’ll be happy to work out a solution.

If I made payment through paypal, do I still have to fax the form?

That is hard to say. If the PayPal account is ‘verified’ then there is a lesser chance that you will have to provide the fax. I guess the only way to know for sure is to try it and see (or ask DreamHost directly).

It is worth noting that DreamHost staff have inferred on this forum that the number of people required to provide the FAX is actually quite small, so there is a good chance that you will not be required to, regardless of the payment type you choose.


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I didn’t need to fax a form and payed through Paypal - as Mark already said, you’ll need a verified Paypal account.

We can’t even tell what the hell you’re saying.

Try something specific and we’ll try to help!

I do recommend that you start your own thread (message) so that we don’t mix up what’s going on.


Wholly, it’s a spambot, not a real person. This forum has been free of them, but I’ve seen some completely ruinned.
To protect my VBulletin installation I had to modify it and ban lots of regular emails used for auto registrations.

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That’s kind of what I figured, but I also figured, after seeing some examples of real people that seem that lost, that I’d give him an opportunity to try to get an answer.