Favorite Ticket Tracking Software?

Hi folks,

We’re looking at setting up some sort of ticket tracking for our clients, and I was hoping the wonderful people here might have some suggestions. Our ideal solution would be open-source, support multiple password-protected areas (for different clients, so we don’t have to install and run two dozen instances), and be relatively easy to install and run on Dreamhost (naturally).

Any recommendations?


After reading some of your requirements, I’m not sure my first suggestion fits for you. OTRS(otrs.org) is TTT web software that allows for email/web created tickets. I use it on a couple of my own boxes and have read a thread or two about someone installing it on their DH account(s). Admittedly, it’s codebase(perl) and configuration may be more than you’re looking for though…

I’m sure the Drupal or Joomla folks can probably recommend plugins that might meet your needs but I don’t have enough personal experience with either those platforms to be helpful there.

DotProject(dotproject.net) is another open source package I run as both an internal project management/tracking package and as a sort of extranet. Along with contact/project timeline/task mgmt it also has a TT package/plugin.

For managing our support@/info@/sales@ (etc…) mail queues and customer support requests and tracking(through an available customer web interface) OTRS has been outstanding.

Good luck on your choice and let us know what you decide.


Thanks for the recommendations, JT - I’ll definitely check those out.

Has anyone seen this Eventum thing from MySQL? Any experience with it?


UPDATE: Just installed Eventum. It seems to be a lightweight Bugzilla clone. Installation was incredibly painless (upload, browse to installer script, type in DB connection, SMTP, and path info), and the functionality looks pretty good. Apparently there are some cron jobs I’ll still need to set up, and that’s it!

There are many, many ticket tracking systems out there. Many are open source too. I’ve tried several, from the heavyweight bugzilla down to … some things I wouldn’t recommend. A number of the open source ticket trackers do a credible job. So, spending money may not be the best solution.

I would, recommend FlySpray. See: http://flyspray.rocks.cc for their home page. They are an open source ticket tracker. Pretty high quality package. Although I did not need the feature you require (protecting view of projects depending on rights of different users), I believe that feature is in Flyspray 0.98. They are, last I looked, in Beta cycle right now on the 0.99 release. I cannot vouch for 0.99. … BTW, they are hosted at Dreamhost …

The 0.98 release did the job I needed for a project I completed some months ago. I’d use it again.

All that said, I’m about to implement a site using Drupal as the base CMS. I’ve messed with the Project module and it too looks like it will do the job. A feature in Drupal’s “taxonomy access control” module when used with the Project module makes this especially attractive in that not all projects are even visible to users unless those specific users have rights to see the project. … Complex interaction among modules, poor documentation of the modules, but after experimenting and with a few leaps of inductive reasoning, it works for me.

of course, YMMV.

Thanks, birdsong - I’ll take a look at that one too.

We used to use Mantis, but it was fairly customized so I’m not sure how much a “default” install meets your needs. We switched everything over to Trac to centralize a lot of our tasks, but that’s definitely overkill for what it sounds like you need.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

Another to consider is Help Center Live 2.1.1.

Have you checked out http://www.mhelpdesk.com . It is pretty simple to setup and seems to do everything you need. Another consideration is Gemini for small teams.