Favicon.ico not showing up

I’ve created a favicon.ico, and put it in the root of my directory. I have more than one domain going, so it’s in the root of the domain path, and not the absolute root of my account (I mention this, but it shouldn’t make a difference as far as I know?). When I look to see that it’s there, pathwise (http://www.sleepingcat.com/favicon.ico), it shows up fine in my browser (Firefox), so I know it’s there, path’s ok, image is working, etc.

However, it’s not showing up on the site at all. I’ve cleared my cache to double check. Is there any other step to this that I’ve missed?


Your favicon shows up for me just fine. I use Firefox as well.
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thanks :-). so in other words, it’s my browser not working, not the site.

I don’t know if that’s a relief or not :stuck_out_tongue:



favicon shows up in FireFox address bar and in IE Favorites when added :cool:


In some browser versions, you need to explicitly link it:

– Dan

I figured out how to get my favicon.ico to show up in Firefox. It is not a code problem. Some users, Like myself, have the tab feature off in Firefox.
Go to Tools, and click on the tabs tab. Then choose always show the tab bar. Restart your browser and go to your page in question. Now you should see your favicon in the tab.
I discovered this when opening a new link by right clicking and choosing open page in a new tab, and finally saw my icon that I pasted into my index.html file.
This is the code I placed between th tags. :

Put your favicon.ico file in the same directory as the index.html file that you just placed the code in. ........................The Refinisher