Favicon help, please

This is probably something simple…

How do I do a favicon? I have a Dreamhost account and notice they have automatically included 0KB files named favicon.gif and favicon.ico

Do I need to do anything special in html file to declare a favicon on DreamHost?

Do I just upload my own favicon.gif file and that’s it?

If so, is there a size limitation 64px X 64px for example, or does it automatically shrink to fit?

I’m sure there’s someone who is experienced with this and can probably answer this in a jiffy.

Thanks in advance!



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Web browsers will ask for this file a lot. Also your web server may use a considerable amount of resources just to produce a “not found error message” web page (e.g. CMS). Having said that, since the visitor would never see a “not found error message” web page for this file, web servers can run more efficiently by returning empty content by default. DreamHost adds the zero-length files in a way that won’t interfere if you use your own image file instead.

There is no size limitation; however obviously if a raster image is only going to be used at a single size, ie 16x16, then it would be better to use an image specifically made for that size. Large icons will not always look good when scaled down to that size, especially anything textual. And don’t forget there are 4.5 formats to choose from.

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There are many ways, but one of the easier is http://www.favicon.cc/ where you can draw your icon online, and save it as an .ico file.