Favicon bugs

Hi all… does anyone know how to stop the empty favicon.ico and favicon.gif files from generating by themselves??

I’ve already got a better solution in place but each time they generate they knock my solution back and I see an empty icon.

Not a major issue, but annoying…

I have a favicon on two of my domains and they have never been overwritten with the empty files since I dropped them in there many years ago. I know if you delete the empty file it is soon regenerated, however where I have replaced the empty file with an actual favicon I’ve not experienced what seems to be occurring in your case.

Browsers do cache those favicons, so you need to clear your cache to see a new one.

Out of curiosity, what are you trying to use as your “better solution”? Having a file at the root of your domain is generally considered ideal, as nearly anything else you set up is likely to take some additional effort for the server to resolve each time a browser requests it — which may, in some cases, be as frequently as every time a visitor loads a page on your site.

@ Saldash
I agree with Andrew F. Also the favicon (by whatever method) needs to be a valid formatted .ico file. This error message tells me it is not: