Fatal error: session_start()

Hello, I am new to PHP and running into a major issue with a user authentication class that I am using.

Error is:
Fatal error: session_start() [function.session-start]: Failed to initialize storage module: user (path: /tmp)

I have searched the forums and found a solution posted by urbanroute in 2006,

I followed the steps by urbanroute and created a test page which worked fine, then i created the sesstmp dir and chmod 777, added this path to a .htaccess file, but still to no avail. In addition, the error still seems to be looking for /tmp.

I check the phpinfo() on my site after adding this line to .htacess:
php_value session.save_path /home/youraccount/yourwebsite.com/sesstmp (using my account info of course)
and the phpinfo() still shows /tmp.

So then I created /tmp in my domain directory as such /home/youraccount/yourwebsite.com/tmp and chmod to 777. Still no dice. :frowning:

I added the .htaccess file to the following directory within my site: /home/youraccount/yourwebsite.com/, but should it be one above this? Meaning should it be here /home/youraccount/?

Also, I turned off Extra Web Security on the site to see if this was causing an issue.

I have my site set to use PHP 4.4x and my settings are as follows:

session.use_trans_sid - on
session.save_path - /tmp
session.save_handler - files

If you have a customised PHP, try changing the session.save_path variable in your php.ini

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