Fatal error - moved


[quote]Lost my site…
Is it possible to get it all back the way it was through dreamhost?
I get this on the page
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_header() in /home/.phibsie/mhalp56134/mywildcrazyspace.com/index.php on line 22

My site is http://www.mywildcrazyspace.com
you can problary see it too

Please HELP
It appears that your application is trying to use a “get_header” function that cannot be found. It’s hard to know much more than that with the information you have provided.

If you have preciously had this application working on DreamHost, you may have somehow erased one (or more) of the files that are used by the application, and you can check that by looking at the files in your “snapshot” directories (search the wiki for “snapshot”) to see if there are any files there that are not presently in your “live” directories.

If you are just moving your application to DreamHost, and you have not had the site working here before, it is probably that you have not uploaded all the files that are part of your application, and you should double check to make sure that you have done so. :wink:


I started following the instructions in
but I can’t follow them and I am very scared…

Now it says on line 1

Please Someone help me…I don’t know what I am doing
I don’t understand the instructions u gave me…
the header error is now on line 1
see it at http://www.mywildcrazyspace.com
how do I fix it…
Is there a tech phone # so someone can walk me through it
I am sooo upset…

That error message is the same as the one that was showing when I first responded to your post earlier today.

Did you read my first response?

[quote]It’s hard to know much more than that with the information you have provided.
If you want additional help, you need to be a bit less “scared” and “upset” and concentrate more on providing some more information so that we can try to help you.

Posting here asking for help without explaining more completely what your situation is, what you have done, and what you are trying to do, doesn’t leave us much of a way to help you.

I gave you general information about what was likely causing your problem (which was the best I could do with the information you provided). If you did not understand that, and it was not helpful, then we can take a different approach, but you have to give me more details.

That said, calm down and post back with the following information:

  1. Has the site at http://mywildcrazyspace.com ever been up and running on DreamHost before? (that’s a “yes” or “no” question)

  2. What software are you trying to run on that site? Is it a WordPress blog, a PhpBB Forum, something you wrote yourself? If it is not something you wrote yourself, please provide the name of the program you are trying to run on the site, and a link to where it can be found on the web (if you have such information). If you don’t know where to “find” the program, but you know the name, then just tell me that (I can look for the software myself).

  3. Was the software previously running on another host (Was the website previously hosted somewhere other than at DreamHost)? (yes or no)

Starting with those questions, I may very well have further questions, but let’s start with getting the answers to those, ok?

When you post back with the answers to those questions, I’ll try to help you further.

No, there is no “live” phone support that can “talk you through” this available at DreamHost. If you have a level 3 plan (or have added the extra “Phone Callback Feature” to your plan at extra cost), then you could request a callback from support if you are in the United States - but they would not be able to help you with this issue as it is not a “hosting related” issue as much as it is a “how to make a website” issue, and that is not a support responsibility of DreamHost tech support.

The error message you are receiving is not consistent with HTML at all, and indicates you are trying to run a PHP based application on your site, and that it is not installed correctly. If you answer the questions I asked earlier in this post, we may have a place to start to try to help you.

You might also find it helpful to read this information on “How to ask questions the smart way”. There is good information there on how to get useful answers when asking others for help on Forums and in other online communities. :wink:


Okay, while waiting for you to respond I did a little research for you using Google.

It seems you might be trying to move a WordPress blog that was hosted at wordpress.com onto DreamHost. Is that the situation you are in?

One other note: If you do get this sorted, you probably won’t keep your account on DreamHost for long if you continue to link spam your site all over the net the way you have been doing. Just one (particularly blatant) example of inappropriate link spamming can be found at:


You should review the DreamHost Anti-Spam policy and check out the copyright infringement information available on the DreamHost Abuse Center pages before you even try to get your site “back up” - it would be a shame to go to a lot of effort to put a site back up that is only likely to be shut-down for TOS violations anyway. :frowning:


I don’t understand why that one post in a myspace review area is considered spam…I wrote what I was working on in my site…Why is that spam?
it was an appropiate comment to a related posting…
I would think spam would be me going to a cooking site or child bed wetting site and putting my unrelated site links there…
I haven’t added the site to any comment areas on other blogs in a very long time…so that is not going on…
Now…about the site…
no we been on dream host for about 7 months or so…
I am not moving it…it has long been moved over…
I was trying to get google anystistics code in…and I was putting it in the wrong spots…and I was removing it…readding it elsewhere…till I got google to verify the site with the coding…and then I must of accidently removed some line…because now the site was all squashed on the left…so I tried fixing it…untill I ruined the whole site completely…
Is there a tech number I can call??
I need to talk to someone and be talked through this

If we get the site back up…
If u see any inappropiate sites that I linked with…that is not
up to standards I will gladly remove them…
If it was done…I was not aware I was doing it.
and I will correct anything that needs to be corrected to follow the rules

Ok…U saw it then when the error line was 1…earlier it said 23 or 22…Now we have the line error…and it says get heading
(Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_header() in /home/.phibsie/mhalp56134/mywildcrazyspace.com/index.php on line 1)
to answer a few of your questions…
I been hosted on dreamhost since last spring…the only host we ever used…
I use wordpress to work on the site.
and I see you answered my question about live phone techs for dreamhost…Thanks and Shucks!
I believe my files on wordpress and dreamhost are all messed up…
Oh I would also like to mention…even if I try to change the theme I have been using to other themes available for the site…they all have the same error…
I hope if I used another theme…it would be corrected.
So if u have any more questions…I will gladly answer…

I removed my comment from that site that had myspace reviews…so it is no longer there…
So that inappropiate link is no longer there

That was not a “myspace review area” at all.

Just because it had the word “myspace” on the page doesn’t mean it is an invitation for you to tout your site there. Did you even bother to read what the site you were posting on was about?

That site was for reviewing and rating perl modules, and is a part of the perl.org community of websites devoted to the perl programming language. Your “come visit my cool site” type post was in the section for “reviews” of a perl module … and it had nothing at all to do with the module. That is link spam.

I won’t “argue” any of that with you; that was only one example. Goggling your site shows that you regularly and frequently publicize you site by linking to it all over the place in much the same way you did on cpanreview - I just used that example because it was so outrageously clueless.

So how is going to a programming language’s site for reviewing modules and posting you myspace stuff there any different? At any rate, I was just giving you a friendly “heads up” - take, or leave, the advice.

About your site:

You still haven’t answered my initial questions completeley, but I think I can assume it is a WordPress site from looking around Google.

If you had the site working, and then you changed things that broke it, you need to find a way to put it back the way it was.

Do you have backups of your site, or are you limited to whatever is available on DreamHost to help you recover?

If you cannot, or won’t, read the responses that I take the time to write, I cannot help you. As I said before in my previous response. No. There is no tech support number you can call to be “talked through this” at DreamHost.


read my other responses to you…as I wrote to u in sequence of the posts I read in order…
the other questions were answered…I am sure u will get to it in a second and see…
OK…this is the holiday season…let us be jolly…
and see if we can get the site working…then I can talk to you privately about the other issue…and I will see what I can do to correct it…like I mentioned…
I want to abide by the rules…and what I did was not intentional of breaking any rules…
I am a good hearted person…who was not aware…

I have no backups…
I am limited to dreamhost

Ok. Now we are getting somewhere. I see that your answers got scattered over several posts, so I apologize for complaining about you not answering my questions in my earlier post (I hadn’t seen this one when I last responded - my bad).

Here is what I think you should do. You need to get the “working” parts of your WordPress software put back in place to replace whatever it is you broke in your attempts to modify things.

Once you do this, your site should work again, and your content should be fine. Since WordPress stores your content in a database, it should all still be there when you get the program code that runs WordPress sorted out.

That may be able to be done very simply using the DreamHost “snapshots”, or it may be more complicated, depending upon when you “broke” your site.

If you answer these next few questions, we should be able to figure out a way to fix things that works for you.

  1. When did your site last work correctly? We need to know this so we can tell whether or not “snapsot” contains a working version of your site.

  2. Do you have, and know how to use, an FTP client program for moving files between your computer and your site?

  3. is your DreamHost user “shell enabled” (can you log into the shell using and SSH client, like putty or SSH)?

  4. What version of WordPress are you currently running (you can tell by logging into the wp-admin and checking there)? I assume you can log in to wp-admin, since you mentioned that you tried changing themes.

I’m sure we can get you up and running again; we just have to figure out the best way to go about it.


that is OK…I wrote in several posts…because u had to posts to me…and I read them seperate…so we actually did the same thing…LOL
So Us bad :slight_smile:

Ok to answer these following questions…

the site was working around 2:00-3:00 yesterday…but to be on the safe side we can say 1…

I logged on to both wordpress sites…the one that is upgraded (without blog at the end of the url) and the blog one…(with .blog at the end of the url)

I did not see any info on which one…but I think it is
WordPress * 1.1 WordPress 2.3
I saw that in docs…
It was the one available last March…

  1. Do you have, and know how to use, an FTP client program for moving files between your computer and your site?

I think I did this last spring to get it from wordpress to dreamhost…but I forgot how…it was difficult back then with a lot of trial and error…before me and my partner got it to work…

  1. is your DreamHost user “shell enabled” (can you log into the shell using and SSH client, like putty or SSH)?

I am not sure…How can I find out for you…

I hope this info helps…


Please read the other post too…above…from before…
I am writting again…with an idea…
if I gave u my user name and password…maybe u can look around wordpress in the presentation - theme files and also manage - files area…
Maybe u can see the problem that way…
I can also give u my phone # if u are in the US and have free US calling…U can star* 67 your number so I get it as a blocked call…
Just an idea…I understand if u rather not…

Okay, so then your site was definitely “working” on 12/16/2007. That is good, as it is likely that the DreamHost snapshot directories have your files from that time.

This confuses me, because normally you would have a WordPress site running at one, or the other, url but not usually at both (though I suppose you could run two different sites that way, with some changes to re-write rules- I just suspect that you have not done that. To be clear, do you have two separate WordPress sites runing, one at http://http://www.mywildcrazyspace.com/ and one at http://www.mywildcrazyspace.com/blog/ ?

Ok, well that is a little discouraging as one way to fix the site involves copying files between your computer and your server via FTP. Maybe, if we have to go that route, some of what is involved will come back to you. :wink: Is your partner still available to help you with any of this?

If you log into the DreamHost Control Panel, and go to the Users -> Manage users screen and look under the “Type” column in the row for your user name you can see whether it is set to “shell” or “FTP”.

To use the files in the DreamHost snapshot directories to rebuild your WordPress installation, we will either have to use an FTP program to copy the required files from the snapshot directories on Dreamhost to your computer, and then copy them back into your site’s directories in the proper plac(es) or log in to shell and use linux commands to copy the files between the snapshot directories and the proper directories for your site.

If you are not capable of using either FTP or the shell, this will be very difficult to do, as there are several steps in each one requires some understanding of what is happening.

There is an additional DH Wiki article that describes in detail how to restore files using the snaphot directories which should be very helpful in your particular case, as it uses an actual WordPress installation in it’s examples.

Please take a long look at that article, and try to follow the steps there to retrieve files from the snapshot directory that hold files from when your WordPress last “worked” to your computer, and then use an FTP program to place those files back into their proper directories for your WordPress installation.

If this is too difficult for you, and you can find no one who knows about this stuff to help you, I am willing to look into your directories for you. While I do not recommend providing your credentials to any unknown person, if you want me to look at it for you I will need your FTP username and password (which you can supply me via PM - do not post them into a post on this forum).

Alternately, if you can manage to get yourself logged into the shell, I am willing to try to give you a “step-by-step” on how to copy the appropriate files from your snapshots directory into the proper plac(es) on your site (but I still need clarification on the “two WordPress installations” question above.)

Instructions for how to enable your user for shell access, and how to use an SSH client to login to the shell, are available in the3 DH wiki category “Shell”. Make sure you read all the articles there, and you should be able to access the shell on your account.

Other than that, the only thing I can suggest is that you study up on how to use an FTP program and how to move files between the DreamHost snapshot directories and your computer and your WordPress directories… that is what will need to be done.


Our posts must have crossed in the “ether” - please see my latest response.

If you provide your user/pass for your ftp user via PM, I’ll take a look for you. :wink:


yes…the old wordpress.blog.com is still there but we stopped using it when we hosted on dreamhost.
I will send u some info privately…
I am going to read the rest of the info slowly and carefully to hopefully have it sink in…
My partner is worse than me with dreamhost…sad to say…
Look for private email OK
Many thanks…for this
I know u will need patience for me…

Ok. Your site is “up” again, though there are still some “issues” :frowning:

It appears that in attempting to modify your themes, you managed to get the index.php from one of your themes somehow copied into the main WP directory (those files goes in the wp-content/themes/theme-name/ dirs !).

I “fixed” that, and returned you to using the “tiga” theme that Goggle shows you had used before … but your edits to that theme have left some artifacts. You should probably re-install that theme, you currently have a “tiga” and a “tiga new” folder in your themes directory.