Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded

Was saving (a large) WP database and got this error - now I just moved servers from one data center to another, so I figure that means that wherever I moved had a different PHP timeout setup. I merely wondered if anyone had experienced this before and had any suggestions (in the past in custom systems I usually put it at 60 seconds, so this threw me for a moment).

I also wondered if anyone had encountered this error in WP unexpectedly.

Saving a large WP DB how? Do you mean you were just writing a post on a large WP DB?

Oh, sorry, doing a standard export.

Sorry, I was at a conference and just found my brain… Via the WP exporter? I can see that running out of PHP memory if your DB is large enough, since you’re asking PHP to do a LOT of queries. You should be able to increase your PHP memory limits on your own via phprc to get that to work, though personally when you have THAT big a site, it’s better to use SQL directly for exports and imports. WAY better for backups, too.