Fastsender script problems



Okay, I found this script that looks promising for sending out monthly newsletters, but it’s not really working as advertised and I was wondering if anyone else has had any luck with it.

One think I need to find out is what is the e-mail send rate that is permitted from dreamhost. That may be part of the problem.

Anyway, you have to use SMTP to send mail or a cron job, requested the cron job example to use. The SMTP send mail is SLOW and via the web. Most of the time it stops saying “Mailer Error: The following recipients were not accepted:” and then lists some e-mail addresses.

Any thoughts from anyone :slight_smile:



Mail rate is either 100 or 200 per hour, but that’s only half of your problem. The other half is running astray of their ToS regarding spam:



Yea, we have an opt-in and subscription maintenance that we run about every 180 days which re-verifies the user is 1, valid and 2, provides unsubscribe info.

I’m pretty sure we are inline with the ToS from Dreamhost and our mailing list is pretty static and small (about 100 subscribers).


Good, and good. Just keep your opt-in verifications handy.

Dunno why there’d be a mail problem with just 100 addresses. What’s the mail script you’re using?