Fastest connection?

I understand that Dreamhost supports the following ways to transfer files to/from your account:

  1. Ftp
  2. SSH (using scp or sftp for instance)
  3. AFP (for Apple Macs)
  4. WebDav (but only for certain directories)
  5. Http (but only for downloads of course)

Now I am curious which of these provides the best performance (i e gives me the shortest up/download times)?

The reason for asking is that I think that ftp appears to be slow. Is DH puttings some kind of throttling to ftp as it appears not to reach over a certain figure for uploads?

Is this why they can offer those tremendous figures for bandwidth per month? (Because in practice it is impossible to reach them?)

//Hans-Göran, Sweden

If I am not mistaken wget is only front-ending other protocols like ftp and http, so that will not be an alternative by itself. Do you mean that rsync is supported on its own, or do you need (as I do) to tunnel it in ssh? If the latter is true, then rsync is not either an alternative on its own.

How many KB/s do you get when you “download to the server in shell” (I think you mean that you use scp or sftp when you say that?)

While I assume there is indeed some sort of limit, I’ve seen transfer (up/down) speeds of around 50mbit between DH and my other host. At home, I can download from DH at about 10mbit speeds (my ISP’s max), but I only see such speed early in the morning or late in the evening. During the day, 400-500kB/sec down and 10mbit up I would say is pretty normal.

That’s with ftp anyways. Http is the same for download speeds… haven’t tried up.