Faster way to upload files on dreamhost

I am sharing t,plus would like to hear some suggestions regarding how to upload large files on dreahost quickest way here is how I did it :

  1. in my router I turned dynamic DNS on and registeded my IP with .
  2. installed localy on my machine http server apache or even tomcat will work .
    and placed all my files within my local (ruunning on my machine server) servers web directory.

loged into my dreamhost account via ssh and did following
wget etc.
now this (I think ) is better and faster than upload via ftp for example because usualy uplad speed is lot slower than download,right?
with wget from shell its acting as download vs upload

now all this are just my thoughts it might be completely wrong so I would like to hear some feedback if possible.

It shouldn’t really matter. When people say upload speeds are slower than download speeds, that’s because most residential broadband has asymmetric bandwidth at the “wire” level. (It’s not really at the wire level, but let’s not argue about that)

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Assuming you are on a “typical” consumer grade connection, it really won’t make any significant difference whether you initiate the transfer with a wget from the shell at Dreamhost or not, as your system is still uploading to the DH account, and any ISP throttling will treat it as an “upload”.

You can still enjoy any increase in speed afforded by using wget instead of ftp, but the ISP “upload” throttle will not be fooled by your setup.