FastCGI Initialize Time is ridiculous


I just uploaded my Rails app and I’m running it through FastCGI. The site is

It takes FOREVER for FastCGI to initialize, which is why the first page takes a while to load then subsequent pages load much faster.

Does anyone know how to lessen this initialize time? Dreamhost already told me that they can’t leave the process running as it clogs up memory.

Anyway thanks in advance.

Have you tried using Passenger to see if there’s any difference?

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Yeah I tried that. I couldn’t get access to stats or phpmyadmin so I stuck with FCGI.

Nobody has a solution to this??

If I was to use Passenger, how do I get stats and phpmyadmin to work? Maybe that’s a better question :stuck_out_tongue: