Fast cgi

Hi… a clueless person here trying to learn stuff. I am going to be signing up my first domain (currently have sub-domain only) and it asks if I want Fast CGI support. I glanced at the WIKI and I did a Google search to find out what it is and I’ve only found a little bit of info on it that is understandable to me.

I realize that it is for ‘advanced’ users or so DH implies when I sign up the new domain. I’m not code-savvy or anything like that, but I really want to learn and I generally learn fairly quickly with things. One place said that fast cgi was outdated and ancient for the tech world, but that Apache has long been the standard. So, I don’t know if it is a good idea to ‘check’ the box for fast cgi support or not. I also figured out I need to decide what kind of fast cgi support I’ll have… php, ruby, perl, and whatever else is there. But I have no clue really what the difference is for any of these other than different approaches to coding things.

So, I’m looking for some opinions? Is it a good idea to have or use fast cgi support? I also read that it can decrease the amount of bandwith or something to that effect. So, perhaps it is a good idea? At the same time, maybe there are newer coding methods that would be more up-to-date and future-proofed (as much as they can be in this day and age).

If I don’t check that box for fast cgi support, can I modify my domain and add it later? I would assume I could by adding code in certain places for it to recognize it, etc., but I’m not sure.

I hate being clueless and I haven’t really found any good websites with down to earth information on what is what, etc. to explain things. Once I get the hang of it, then I can move up to more general things that reference the concepts that I haven’t fully conceptualized yet.

Thanks for any thoughts on fast cgi.


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If you don’t specifically need it now, I’d just leave it unchecked. You can add it later if you need to by going to “manage domains” in the panel & clicking on the “edit” link for the domain.