I am hoping someone can help with faqmasterflex

I created the mysql data base per instructions, I can see the structure with phpmyadmin - so that is ok.

I edited the faq_config.php file with the proper data base URL , name and password as reflected below…

$username = ‘admin’;
$password = ‘admin’;

//Database Connection. Most user errors happen here. Double-check to see if your connection parameters are correct.
$db_server = ‘faqmasterflex.midstateems.org’;
$db_username = ‘whatever’;
$db_password = ‘whatever’;
$db_databasename = ‘faqmasterflex’;

When I run the faq_config.php file, it refused to accept my admin name/pass

I also log into faqmasterflex.midstateems.org just fine with my web browser, so I know that works.

Any suggestions???

I am pretty good at figuring out php scripts, but this has be stumped.