Does DH has this feature?


No, they do not.

However, the Web admin panel does include one-click installs of the following applications;

WordPress Weblog (v2.0.2)
phpBB Forum (v2.0.19)
Advanced Poll (v2.03)
osCommerce Store (v2.2m2)
MediaWiki Wiki (v1.6.1)
Joomla (Mambo) CMS (v1.0.8)
Gallery Image Album (v2.1)
WebCalendar Calendar (v1.0.2)


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Maybe they should. It keeps getting asked. What is it?

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Fantastico is a commercial product that runs on cPanel. I’m glad DH uses its own Control Panel (warts, slow-speed, and all!) and would hate (as in goodbye DH!) to see them implement cPanel.

I’m glad they don’t provide/support fantastico, and I hope they never do. I think it has way too many packages to keep properly updated for security concerns for me to want to see it on a shared server.

Most, if not all, of the packages in fantastico can be installed on DH, it just becomes the users’ responsibility to do it. While that might seem unnecessarily difficult for a new user, it does require they do a little learning, and that is a good thing if you are going to live on a shared server.

The 'one-clicks" seem to me to be a good compromise in that there are (arguably) “best of breed” packages that are a “no-brainer” to install, but there are few enough of them that DH can be reasonably assurred of their ongoing quality and update status. I would think that fantastico could end up being a real nightmare for systems admins at DH, and for all of us on shared servers.

–rlparker (“just my 2cents worth” - YMMV)


Agreed. Even with all its faults, the DreamHost panel is (in my opinion) still superior to cPanel.

Also, being an in-house application, DreamHost has the ability to add functionality, usually at the request of users.

For those not familiar with the DreamHost panel, there is a ‘Suggestions’ section where users can suggest changes and many of these are implemented.


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