i don’t know how to connect my fanlisting to the db. with my old host all i had to fill in was:

// information needed to connect to mysql
$dbhost = “localhost”; // usually this is localhost but if it doesn’t work, check with your hosting provider
$dbname = “db_name”; // the name of the databse you want to put the phpFanBase tables in
$dbuser = “db_user”; // your MySQL username (must have access to database above)
$dbpass = “password”; // your MySQL password

i’m lost =/, i hope you guys get what i mean

  1. create the SQL databases on your control panel. NOTE: Unlike REAL Hosts, these take a Minimum of 30 minutes and possibly HOURS(or days) before you can access them. Make note of the Hostname, database name, username, and password.

  2. Grab Lunch…

  3. Go back to the SQL portion of the control panel periodically and click on your SQL server name. If it asks you for username/password then your database is all set.

  4. Enter in the info from step one into your script.

  5. Test.

Does anyone search the knowledgebase any more?


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actually you have to create the host name and user names wneh you are creating hte MYSGL database. it’s under goodies > mysql. create the database, add a user with password, and then create the host name - something like or what ever you want. You will use this host name instead of ‘localhost’. You can also access php my admin if you ever need to by going to that address

While it does indeed take a bit to set up the database it’s normally about 15 min in my expirence, or if the server load is high up to 45 min.

Hope this helps