False, sticky "Quota exceeded" message

Twice now I’ve run into this problem where I get a quota exceeded message and am unable to launch a new instance. The first time, my quota was indeed exceeded, but terminating an instance did not clear the message until I logged out and in again. Today, I hit the same wall except my quota wasn’t even exceeded, at least by my reckoning (1/2 instances, 1/2 GB RAM, 1/2 vCPUs); once again, terminating my running instance did not clear the message. Is this a known issue?

This is using Firefox 35.

I’ve not seen that before and this is the first report of I’ve heard. Perhaps it’s an issue with Firefox and I’ll do some testing there. The other thing to look at is the number of volumes you have on your account. By default, they are not removed when you terminate an instance.

Send in a support ticket or message me your username so we can take a look at your account.

Did you happen to make any non-volumed based (aka ephemeral) instances and try to resize them and then delete them? The quota can get out of whack in such cases sometimes, and if you contact support we can get it reset to the real values for you.

Ahh, yes, that is precisely what I did. Resized an ephemeral image; now that I think of it, that’s when the problem first came up.