False Announcement mails?

In the past couple of days I got about five or six Announcements from DreamHost, all telling me “Your data has been restored!”

Only I hadn’t gotten a downtime or other announcement that told me there were problems in the first place. And indeed, it says “The preceding was a Downtime announcement, sent 0000-00-00 00:00:00”.

Has anyone else received these? Was there a problem I hadn’t heard about? Is DH sending these to me because of a problem on their side? Are they even from DH or are they some sort of spam?


Same here. I’ve been wondering the same thing.

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lol oops, I just posted in the General Troubleshooting forum about this. :wink:

Good, looks like I’m not alone, so it’s probably some weird server glitch.

Here’s the response that I got from DH Support:


I apologize for the confusing announcements! We recently had a problem
with one of our filers and had to restore some data from a backup for our customers. Unfortunately, due to what seems to be a bug in our
announcement system the announcement went to some people (such as
yourself) who weren’t affected at all… and multiple times! We’re looking
into the bug now and it hopefully won’t happen again.

But yeah, you have nothing to worry about… no data of yours was lost or
restored or anything like that. Sorry for the needless confusion and
worry, and please have a good weekend!



same thing here…

Thanks for passing that on. I was wondering myself…

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