Failure with Google Authenticator plugin


I’m using the Google Authenticator Wordpress plugin successfully on another (non-Dreamhost) Wordpress installation. When I install that plugin as the first one after I do a deluxe install Wordpress one-click install here on Dreamhost, the Google Auth fails to recognize the appropriate code. The specific error is “ERROR: The Google Authenticator code is incorrect or has expired.”

I’ve wiped and re-done the install once now because of this; before I wipe the plugin directory and move on I wanted to see if anyone else has tried this and had similar issues.

If you can access your database directly, then you need to tweak the value of data in the wp_options table as follows… First: Find the record with option_name = ‘active_plugins’. Second: update the option_value for that record to be exactly the same but with the following single character change: “google-authenticator/google-authenticator.php” -> “google-authenticator/google-authenticator.phx”

I just encountered this problem. I suspect it has to do with how Dreamhost’s clocks are set. After trying a number of solutions I was finally able to fix it by turning on the “relaxed” mode which is less strict about the time.

If time on a webserver is off you can find out by typing “date” at a command prompt. If it is in fact off you should open a ticket. I’m not sure why but twice over the years ntpd has failed on my server and the servers time has drifted.

Its… because of kobolds? Honestly the time eating gremlins are ticket worthy. We’ll punt them out and restart the clock.