Failure Report

Posted this in trouble shooting but nobody answered. I re-did my site, and now roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of my pages return a failure request message in my stats page. Everyone I know says the site looks/works fine for them and I know I have a problem with safari, but I’m trying to figure out what is going wrong. Most of the failures are in the gallery. I tried to protect the images by using the transparent gif in photo shop. If it is a failure in accessing, what exactly does that mean. Yes, i read the knowledge base section, but just looking for some english.

If you guys would be so kind as to access the site, especially the gallery section, and then let me know if you get something hiny and what os/browser you’re using, I’d be greatful.

By way example, when I try to view this page, I can only see the images in Internet Explorer. The images are missing in Firefox.

Protecting images is almost impossible. If they can be seen, they can be stolen. You can prevent hotlinking quite easily, but there nothing stopping someone from copying your image to the clipboard.

Simon Jessey
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ROFL. My humblest apologies, my dear fellow. Internet Explorer is merely a fall-back tool for me. For example, I needed to track a flight arriving at Philadelphia, and the search tool on the airport website has been written in evil, IE-only JavaScript (or should it be called JScript?).

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

The red x’s are supposed to be there. They let you know you can’t right click them. I don’t care about the images perse, but I got them from a journalist source and it’s to protect me, not the images. I need to be able to say I did everything I could to prevent right clicking and svaing them, which, considering you can’t see them, I hguess I succeeded!!!

That’s about all you can do. There’s a tiny, useful javascript that degrades gracefully cross-platform here:
…that should serve quite nicely for the right-clicky.

Additionally, you may wish to set this META tag in your headers: inhibit page cacheing. Note: "Inhibit", not necessarily "stop".

And as my esteemed colleagues have already pointed out, if somebody wants a copy of a publicly posted image, there’s little you can do short of what you’ve already done, which is not to display them at all.
Some other thoughts are contained on the 2nd page of this: