Failure during sign-up!


Dreamhost was recommended to me by a friend, so I tried to sign up tonight, not realizing there were technical problems being worked on at the same time. Of course, it ended up failing right at the point where it says to wait a minute while it processes the credit card. Great - now, I can’t tell if my sign-up and card charge have been processed or not.

Like everyone else here, I can’t even get an automated response to my message via the Contact Us link, and of course, I had to send to Sales rather than to Support because I don’t yet have a working account.


Did you receive any emails from DreamHost? If the sign-on process was succesful and the account approved, you should receive a few emails telling you about the approval and giving you login details etc.

Have you tried logging into the admin panel using the email address and password you chose during the sign-up process?


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No on #1: I didn’t receive any e-mails, but if there are IP problems going on, there could have been e-mails sent that did not get where they were trying to go.

Yes on #2, but could not log on: Attempting to use the shell account name and password that I specified during sign-up did not work, but I don’t know how long a new account setup is supposed to take before it is active.


The admin panel login will normally be usable within minutes of signing-up, even if the account is still pending approval.

It would appear that your sign-up did not go through.


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Great - so I try to sign up again since it apparently didn’t go through the first time, and it says I can’t use my promo code because I’ve already used that credit card number. I’m still waiting for so much as an automated reply from my messages to sales.


Similar situations have been reported by others in these forums. The best way to sort it out is by contacting DreamHost support, but unfortunately you don’t seem to be having much luck in that respect.

All I can suggest is to keep trying.


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In the morning, I had an e-mail response from Sales telling me they had cleared my credit card entry, and the panel was running, so I could try again. Try again, I did, and worked, it did.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons I wanted to get this account now was to try to set up a MySQL database before the end of this week, and tonight, the control panel is not working, so it ain’t gonna happen unless the panel comes back up in the next couple of hours, and that means I probably won’t have a chance of getting some consulting work to do this weekend.

I was referred here by a friend, and I’ve seen the other posts here saying this is not typical for DH, so I’m not thinking DH sucks or anything. It’s damn bad timing for me, though, and I needed to vent.


Totally understandable, given the circumstances. I know what it is like to have things outside your control go wrong as a deadline approaches

I can verify that DreamHost does not often suffer from these problems. You have just been unfortunate to sign-up during a particularly bad period.

Hopefully, DreamHost can get on top of the recent problems and things will return to normal.


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