Failover Web Services

I have a web site that is hosted (DNS and all) on a non DH provider. I want to be able to setup a failover (not a round-robin) server for web services. My (non DH) DNS services has this capability.

My question is would there be a way to do this without having the domain in DH’s dns system. I dont want DH servers going directly to the failover server. If I setup the domain at DH that is what will happen.

Any thoughts?

When you add domain to DH’s system, it’s added automatically in the DNS of DH, it seems.
But you can simply ignore and keep using another DNS.

I use registerfly’s DNS and never used DH’s.
Only time I go to see DNS setting of DH is when I want to know the IP of services (Web, FTP,…).

And I do use registerfly’s free dynamic DNS for el cheapo failover.
(Currently, on manual mode, but it can be done automacically, too.)

Thats the problem though. I don’t want DH servers resolving the domain to the failover ip address every time. Any time I would reference the domain name in a script on DH it would resolve to the backup server instead of the primary server.

Obviously you could use an a record in DH’s DNS servers to point to the primary, but that’s more of a hack job to fix the problem than an actual solution. Unfortunately that may be what I have to end up doing unless anyone can think of anything else.

Why not using the real IP in the script?
(It depends on the language and what you are doing in the script, though.)

Also, if you simply want to resolve with other DNS, you can use dig or other tools.


If you want to get HTTP access to your primary, you can use netcat (nc) or Perl/Python/whatever to connect to the real IP and provide domain name for Host: header.

So, the DNS of DH shouldn’t be a big problem, even if it tries to do more than you wanted.

And you can add A record, as you might be thinking to do, too.

Maybe DH can disable DNS for you. Have you asked?

...* I’d be happier if DH had free shared SSL and redundant server setup. ..*.