Failing to receive POP mail into hotmail /

Until the 28th of January 2016 I was happily receiving my dreamhost website email into (which used to be hotmail) via its POP mail function

Since this date its stopped, I know the email account + servers are still working as I can still get POP though all other clients, iphone, Osx Mail app etc. but hotmail/ complains in the advanced options with a simple message “This account cannot currently receive email”

I’ve tried contacting dreamhost support with no luck they can test and see that pop mail from this account to any other client is working, so why has stopped? is there some block list the dreamhost email servers have fallen into, or something else I can do to fix it

I know, I know hotmail/outlooks reputation has not been the best but until recently its been fine…

So my question: is anyone else experiencing the same issues, does anyone also use to receive dreamhost pop mail? or is it just me on both accounts :slight_smile:

thanks for any help…!

I don’t use your exact combination of servers, but have you tried deleting the entry on the side and then re-creating it?

I have a paid Microsoft mail service that once (quite awhile ago actually) stopped picking up dreamhost email. As I recall, it was solved by deleting the connection and recreating it.

yes I’ve tried a number of times starting from scratch, I’ve tried all the listed pop server ports too, with and without ssl

sending via smtp is always fine, just receiving fails.

Have you had any luck with this? I’m having the same problem.

I am having the same problem with my work e-mail and my work website (hosted by Dreamhost) is also not working. The “correction” they posted about on doesn’t seem to have fixed this problem.

Have you contacted support about it? That would probably be the fastest way to get a resolution to your issue.