Failed Upgrade?

I joined DreamHost Apps a few days ago, and liked it so much that I attempted to upgrade a little while ago. Even though the system took my credit card to charge it, it seems that the upgrade failed.

To top it all off, I can’t even submit a Support Ticket through the system because it says that I have to upgrade to do so, and my email to bounced and indicated that I had to use the system that won’t allow me to use it. What a headache! My impression of Dreamhost has gone from really good to really bad really fast. The last thing I want to do right now is to upgrade again, since I have no confidence that it will “work” this time.

If there is someone from Dreamhost out there reading this, please help me.

Try this contact form:


Thank you, but I used that form this morning. Either it doesn’t go to Technical Support or the response time is very slow. Your response is the first I’ve received today. I am very frustrated, and seriously reconsidering my choice of DreamHost. I need someone from DreamHost to tell me if my credit card transaction went through. The fact that I’ve apparently fallen through the cracks as I attempt to become a paying customer is very disconcerting to me.

Do you have access to the Billing section of the panel?

That contact form probably is a bit slow, as it’s not the main channel of communication. And Upgrades probably aren’t handled by Tech Support, but rather Sales, and I don’t know how much sales staffing there is on the weekend.