Facebook share redirecting to an old version of the site

Hi, i have a small but annoying problem, and i’m not even sure if it is a dreamhost problem.
I have a tumblr page, and through dreamhost i’ve bought a domain for it.
Everything works.

Only when i try to (finally) share it on Facebook (simply by copying the URL and pasting it in the post) something strange happens.
This is what the preview shows:
screenshot 1

At first i was “wtf?”, but then i realize that this page had the password request option on (as long as it was a work in progress) but i removed it.
So it’s like it redirects to an old (?) version of the page.

I just become more confused when i see that using the TUMBLR url of the site (that remains active, but i don’t wanna use it anymore) actually WORKS! (another screenshot: screenshot 2

so i guess its a problem of the domain?? Or how facebook reads this domain?
I already waited the typical 72 hours before posting this, and it keeps giving me that wrong link preview…
What can i do? i understand it’s a tricky issue…am i doing something wrong? or do i have to refresh…something?

It’s my very first time using domains and stuff like this…
Thank you!

I have to say that I don’t see anything that could cause this on your side. Most likely Facebook has cached your site and keeps returning the same thing as a result.
If you add a query string to the URL (like appending “?1” - without quotes) when entering it in Facebook, it does not give you the password message but something different (still not very useful).

Facebook caches the URL etc…

see http://umairj.com/146/how-to-clear-facebook-shares-cache/

or http://www.schipul.com/help-files/clearing-facebook-cache-link/

Oh my god, it works!! Thanks so much!!

I just learned about Open Graph tags too, and i’m understanding a lot more about how Facebook visualize links. :slight_smile:

And the missing part is having the profile picture AS the preview image.
It’s been hours that i’m trying to solve this and i’m about to give up.

Facebook debugger says that the image assigned to the image tag of these Open Graphs is not valid, infact tumblr profile pictures are 128x128px and Facebook requires at least a 200x200px one.

So i was thinking to simply change it by switch it with a 200x200px image that i created…but in the tumblr Html Editor those tags are not shown! While i can clearly see them if i just open the html version of my page… Does tumblr forbid users to modify those values??

Screenshot 1