Facebook isn't showing my thumbnails


I use a blogger blog and have my domain through dreamhost. A few days ago I noticed that facebook wasn’t pulling my images in when I went to post a link from my blog. It is STILL happening, so I googled. Came across a site to plug in your site to, to debug for facebook. That site came up with the following response.

URL returned a bad HTTP response code.

I googled that, and then came across this page. http://discussion.dreamhost.com/archive/index.php/thread-134305.html

It looks like this a dreamhost issue… but it hasn’t been resolved for my blog at least. I have no idea what to do to fix it, but I’d really, really like to. Any help???


DH only hosts your domain? And you are getting bad HTTP response codes? Sounds like a host (blogger) issue to me. Is your blog otherwise working correctly for direct visits? Have you set meta headers to opengraph specifications to ensure that FB picks the correct image?

It would be helpful to provide a link to your blog or other more specific details. Otherwise troubleshooting is more like shooting in the dark.


I’m so sorry - didn’t even cross my mind to link my site. duh. My site is here: http://www.careypace.com/ It seems to be working just fine. It is only when I link posts to facebook that no images appear. However I tried again just now and it works fine. But you can see my two posts from last week here where no images were pulled.

It may very well be a blogger issue - it was just the two previous links I shared that made me think it was a dreamhost forwarding issue. For now, I hope it just resolved itself. I very much appreciate your willingness to help me troubleshoot.


I can’t see your facebook page. Perhaps your privacy settings?

Anyway, your site has at least three files which are not downloading. They are probably unrelated to your Facebook issue though, but could be a symptom of a larger problem. Maybe you have a plugin that handles pictures which is misbehaving?

According to your DNS entries, DH is only your registrar, which simply points your domain to Google’s servers at If that fails, then everything fails. So I’d look more closely at your blogger / picture settings. I don’t think DH is the cause here.



yes, i just added new zealand to my facebook page.

Okay, those three files are where I tried to add a custom font to my site - unsuccessfully. So I know what to do to resolve that.

I just link my image files from my smugmug account, so neither dreamhost nor blogger host those. As is usually the case in my life, once I finally break down and ask for help, the problem magically resolves. Thank you so much for you help.



seems to be intermittently 503 response. that’s supposed to be a transient error caused by server unavailability, such as being overloaded by requests


And now it’s not showing again…


Just to clarify, DH is your registrar, some other company actually hosts your website? If so, you’ll need to check what’s going on with the company that actually holds your website. Getting a 503 response means there’s no problem finding the server, but the server is replying that it’s temporarily unavailable.


I’m sorry - I didn’t get this email that there’d been a response! At any rate, I just figured out the problem.

I use smugmug to host my photos. I changed the ‘privacy’ of the gallery that holds my blog images from Public to Unlisted, and that’s when the problem took place. I have two photo blog galleries and the old one has always been set to unlisted (so people browsing my smugmug can’t see that gallery), and those blog posts still load fine. But for the NEWER photo blog gallery, when I made the switch, it could no longer import the images to facebook when I linked. I just switched it back, and now everything loads perfectly.

No idea why and don’t have time to mess with it. At least I solved the linking problem. I very much appreciate your willingness to help, and no, to clarify, this had absolutely nothing to do with DreamHost.