Facebook blocks every domain I register on my server (Chertan)


This is kind of involved, so…

A made a website for a client of mine. It’s an informational site for a small business. Everything was great for over a year, but then, three or so months ago, Facebook begins blocking her URL as being “Spammy” or unsafe.

We launched a pretty impressive Go-Here-And-Help-Us-Report-It-As-Safe type campaign.

Months later, still no joy.

So we figure, let’s just make a new domain and start over. Which worked great for about a day.

Then, it got blocked, too!

It’s nothing but the default Dreamhost quickstart.html page. We haven’t even edited it yet.

We put both her URLs through TONS of blacklist checkers. Everything pings as safe. And as you can imagine, it’s no one’s ‘problem’.

She miraculously got Facebook on the phone twice. The first time, they told her she’d need to enroll in some advertisers program that would cost her $2,000 (and they have the GALL to accuse HER site of being scammy?!), the second time, some sales rep told her that Facebook doesn’t supply that error message. WTF does that even mean?!

So I gave the Linter/URL-Debugger a good million tries. It only scrapes my domains very sporadically. Might be successful one moment, but another, I get the parsing error.

… which makes me think this isn’t even an authentic blocking issue. Usualy, if you plug a blocked link into the debug tool, it’ll give a different ‘This is blocked’ error. I’m not getting that, I’m getting: “Error parsing input URL, no data was scraped.”

The people on Facebook/Stackoverflow basically tell me they can’t help, and that I should contact Facebook about having it unblocked. Ha!

I just don’t know what to do anymore. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Could it be a php or server setting?

The URLs are enchantedcareers.com and enchantedcareers.net.

Any advice is enormously appreciated.


Did you ever figure this out? Same thing happened to me and I have am at a loss.


Her URL was just genuinely blocked, even though no reason was given as to why this was ever the case and the site is a legitimate informational non-spammy site.

One day last month we logged on, and it was finally unblocked and we could post it again.