Ezpublish and PHP-CGI

ok, so here’s my dilemma. EzPublish is a resource hog, but it’s a FANTASTIC content mgmt. software. If I run it on php as a CGI, I get the “?” in the url issue which makes it search engine unfriendly and a bit unsecured, but speed is ok.

If I run it with php as a compiled module, it’s EXCRUCIATINGLY slow. There’s a standalone installer of an “optimized” version for linux on ez.no (the ezpublish website), but it’s got apache 2, php along with it… which if I’m not mistaken, If I create a new user and install it “locally” to that user, it won’t be able to access port 80 because DH’s own version of apache is on 80.

Ez also recommends installing an accelerator… but i tried putting one in the .htaccess file as a “php value” but got an “internal server error”.

So right now, on the sites, i’m trading usable speed for search engine friendliness. Anyone with any suggestions, I’m listening.