EyeOS, virtual OS on your webserver

i’ve been testing for a few days a new interesting “software”. It’s called eyeOS (http://eyeos.org/en/?section=home).
I want to hear your opinion about it, so i set a demo environment to share it with the community.
It will be online for a few weeks. If someone want to try it, just go to http://gganet.com/demoeye/ and create your own user.

PD: i’m not staff of eyeOS, just a fan user.

Lookin’ good :wink:

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

This is pretty neat…Wonder what kind of server resources this uses :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks awesome.
Was it easy to install?

It’s really simple. You only have to upload 1 folder and follow the instructions on the first login. No SQL or PHP configuration.
The only thing i haven’t try already it’s the integration with openoffice cause it needs some extensions to be installed on the server.

Great! I’ll give it a shot tonight.
Thanks :wink:

that looks really nice. i wonder if they are using ajax. there was a post on one of the other sections with someone needing this type of functionalty. too bad i don’t remember which thread :-/

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That’s cool, thanks.