Extremely slow wordpress site

Hi there,

We’re finding both the front end and admin interface unbelievably slow on our site. Attempts on our end (disabling plugins, trying default theme) haven’t made a difference. Any suggestions? It’s virtually unusable at times.



Go in to your Panel and edit your domain. On that page, change PHP from 4 to 5.3 or 5.4. You’re actually on PHP Version 5.2.17, but you should change this to at least 5.3

Thanks, I did that last night. It appears to be slightly faster but still very slow. Anything else I can try?

I did some digging on your site, and it looks the issue comes from running Pagespeed with your theme. This thread is related to the issue you’re having. I also sent you an email with some info. I hope that helps!

Feel free to reply directly to the email if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

Thanks again! I didn’t receive your email unfortunately, perhaps it was sent to one on file rather than mine? We’re not able to find Pagespeed in our plugins or site files, are you able to provide more info as to where we might find this thing?
Ooops, nevermind we found it in the Dreamhost panel, thought you were referring to something in wordpress itself. We’ll see if this resolves things, thanks!

I sent it to the primary @gmail.com address on the account. Try checking your spam/junk folder in your inbox just in case. You can also see the message in your support history.

You can disable Pagespeed right from the DreamHost web panel :). Navigate to Manage Domains > Web
Hosting > Edit > uncheck the box for PageSpeed, and save your settings.

Thanks, disabling Pagespeed helped a lot (and we’ve updated the PHP version)!

It’s still slower than we’re accustomed to with WP sites of this scale on other hosts. The back-end is particularly slow, seems odd that image resizing would be the culprit there. Is there anything else we can do?


I’m not sure where that comes into play as they must have said it to you in a ticket reply, but if images are being re-sized on every page load (which is what I’m reading between the lines) that would add significant overhead.

[quote=“smaclean, post:7, topic:61020”]
It’s still slower than we’re accustomed to with WP sites of this scale on other hosts. The back-end is particularly slow[/quote]

I’m having the exact same problem. When I go to http://www.tais.ca/wp it loads just as slow as mine does.

The funny thing is that parts of my site are running at normal speed, but the wordpress install that I upgraded over Christmas (3.8, now 3.8.1) is crawling. It’s hard to work with new posts because of the speed issue.

don’t dismiss the dreaded apache thing as a cause. When I see a site with a long delay then fast load it’s the first thing that comes to mind…

Hum, thanks LakeRat.

I’ve been recommending DreamHost to some friends lately, but I wonder if maybe I should warn them away. I’ve been pretty happy since I left MediaTemple 4 years ago, but if this going to be a persistent issue then I can’t see much value in sticking around.