Extremely Slow Site

I have a Wordpress site at martyrkanin.com. It’s a low traffic site with only a few plugins. In the past few months I and several visitors have noticed it’s extremely slow, both on the admin side and the public site. I’ve read some threads here and am wondering about two possibilities: 1) the MySQL server and web server could be located at two physically separate datacenters; or 2) it has something to do with a hung process on my Apache instance. Forgive my ignorance – I’m not sure whether I need to open a ticket or whether this post will suffice, because I saw several responses from DreamHost employees on other similar threads. If someone could point me in the right direction, I’d really appreciate it.

Hi there! Is this for martyrkanin.com? I can take a look at your account and if I can find anything I’ll be sure to email you. Thanks!

Yes, martyrkanin.com. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for confirming! I checked out your account, and here’s what I found: 1) your web server and MySQL server load are low, those look good 2) your Apache instance is behaving well at this time, and there haven’t been any restarts that would indicate any recent issues. 3) you’re not hitting any memory limits, and your CPU usage looks good too.

All that said, I see that both your web and MySQL server are located in our two California datacenters (you can see that in the panel at Status > Data Centers), and it looks like you’re located on the East Coast. It would benefit you to request your account be moved to our newest datacenter in Virginia, which is geographically closer to you and can rule out any extra latency. If the move doesn’t help, we can definitely keep digging, but it’s a good place to start :slight_smile:

Just submit a ticket requesting the move, and we’ll take care of it: www.dhurl.org/dhsupport

While I would accept the offer to move to Virgina, I doubt it solves the problem. You might save a half second or second doing that, my guess is that you need to run thru the nornal wordpress troubleshooting steps of removing all plugins then reinstalling them one at a time until you find the culprit.
I just loaded your site. It doesn’t behave like the apache issue, it behaves more like badly configured caching.


You might take a look at the nexgen gallery plugin. It used a lot of resources and slowed thing down quite a bit for me.

Thanks for looking into it; I’ll open the ticket to request the account move and see if that helps. I appreciate your help!

Thanks for the suggestion. What was your ultimate solution? Did you find a different gallery plugin that worked better?

Well in my case, NexGen is really good for a full featured gallery, but overkill for this project.

I’m still in development here so I haven’t chosen a specific solution. But in this case, I can get by with a simpler sliders like cu3ox or EasyRotator.