My VPS response time is SLOW as hell. http://living.cabrerabrothers.com/ or http://books.cabrerabrothers.com/

It takes almost 5 secs to REACH the server, then the site loads really quick, so its not a wordpress problem or a page optimization issue. The problem is reaching the site.

You can see it from this link:

It is always the same, 5, 6 seconds to reach the server, then it loads the page as it should, quick.

I spoke with Support already, but after coming here and going through the forum, I’m left with little hope. Many are having this issue too.

I just can’t believe that after TEN years of trusting DreamHost this happens. Their VPS should be the best on the market (like their support is).

Mind you, the same happens with my other sites (and they are not wordpress). Wordpress has nothing to do with this. When the browser reaches the server, wordpress and dreamhost work faster than ever. The problem is the response time. The browser seem to be having a hell of a time finding the server in the first place.

I tried it from different locations, globally. Same issue every time. Paris, China, Austria, England, Russia, etc. So its not just the United States that is having issues reaching my site, but its a global problem.

I really wish I knew before upgrading to VPS.

Anyone has any tips? Anyone experienced the same?

I don’t experience the same things reaching your sites. They load quickly for me, the first byte in about 95ms avg.

I did notice that your posted image is for your top level domain, not the test subdomains you linked above. I also noticed that in that image the first two steps are a 301 redirect, and then a 302 redirect, and the 302 is what is taking 5+ seconds. I only saw those redirects once, when I added www. to the top level, but didn’t have the page load timer open. After that my browser (FF) had the www. redirect cached, so there was no pause, even on the top level.

Seems fine

Check - https://gtmetrix.com/reports/living.cabrerabrothers.com/7yC516Zk