Extremely slow on my site

My site http://www.lightafterdarkness.net/ is extremely slow.

Tried Pingdom Website Speed Test, it never finish loading the page.

I deleted .htcaccess file, it would turn good for some minutes, but turning inaccessible again quickly after several minutes.

I’ve already installed W3 Total Cache and Bad Behavior. My other WP sites hosted on the server looks good, and this site used to be working well two days ago. I didn’t change anything on it. Help!


I concur, very slow:

Input URL: http://www.lightafterdarkness.net/
Effective URL: http://www.lightafterdarkness.net/
Responding IP:
Name Lookup Time: 1.209645
Total Retrieval Time: 62.435013
Download Speed: 537

The page just loaded for me in 1.91 seconds. I suspect this which is intermittent and usually presents itself in multiples of 30 seconds.

I’m getting Page load time: 1.96s too, which … sucks to debug :confused:

As much as I love Bad Behavior it can (and will) slow you down. So will wp-optimize, which if you run too often, is really heavy on poor WP.

This page continues to have extreme issues. My browser times out.

This is what Chrome says…

Hmmm…can’t reach this page
Try this
Make sure you’ve got the right web address: http://www.lightafterdarkness.net/
Refresh the page

Check your DNS and verify your domain name is propagating across ISPs.

My speed is quite slow at DO - https://techylist.com
I should probably migrate to Dreampress.

I also made my site on WordPress, with the plugin Woocommerce. And I had the same problem, well, I worked very slowly.

The second site (homeworkfor.me) has the same problem, but without plug-ins. I was asked to switch to OpenCart. Has anyone worked on this platform? How are the results? Is this platform really better?

Even my website is extreamly slow - https://apkextractor.org
Don’t know what the exact reason behind that, thought of moving to DO or Linode. Really the DreamHost shared hosting is my cup of team :confused:

I also made my site on WordPress, with the plugin Woocommerce on http://fingerprintapplock.net. And I had the same problem, well, I worked very slowly.

Everything is fine on my website https://apkbeasts.com/… I optimized the images but can’t see any improvement… What do you recommend?

For a site on Wordpress, in most cases, these plug-ins are not needed, if you are a beginner they will only prevent you.
In order for the loaded site on Wordpress to work quickly, you will not need the GPU, but rather a dedicated server, with a good processor, and a 2Gb minium of RAM. It is also desirable to install nginx, use compression gzip, file minification, css and js. If you still do not have enough site speed, then use the plugin https://ru.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-super-cache/, which was created by the Wordpress developers.

WP super cache is crap.

Use WP FASTEST CACHE, a lot better.

I tried all these cache plugins and it’s really the best/easiest to use.

This is an excellent plugin, if you use it on sites where it really is required

ok, so we are lucky to have here an expert who has also tested all the cache plugins for wordpress / woocommerce… So lucky us !

My website suddenly running very slow loading time is 5 secs. https://columbusday2018.us/
What do you recommend?:slightly_frowning_face:

My speed is quite slow at DO - https://modapkdl.io
I should probably migrate to Dreampress.

EVERYONE! People here are reporting slow sites and slow DreamObjects, at the bottom of a post that’s years old. PLEASE create your own threads. Today’s problem might look like one from 2014 but it’s undoubtedly not the same. Someone else’s slow site might look like your slow site, but chances are very high that there are completely different reasons. Old forum advice is usually not accurate and people waste time with old posts looking for current solutions.
Please don’t bring back old threads from the dead!

I’m using dreamhost and even my site https://launcherapk.info is very slow. I think it might be the hosting.

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