Extremely slow loading times

Hi all, everynow and then it takes something like one minute to load anything from my site, webftp works fine, and pings are all normal, but it still takes forever just to load a basic HTML page or directory. Also when my site is working normally I can only get around 14kb/s down, is this typical of the cheap hosting plan, or is something wrong?

No, and maybe. What’s the URL? Then maybe we can give more informative answers.


Sorry - http://www.dan.ddempsey.com/ that’s got some music you can download to check the speed, it isn’t doing the massive loading times anymore, and the download is up to 25kb/s, but still I figured that was below the norm.

Correction, it is doing it again, worse, one (extremely basic) html file has been refreshing for 2 minutes.

The index of the site came up instantaneously for me.
A download of an 8 Meg file comes down at about 90kB/sec, but it does appear to slow down.
The blog, images, and year12 take forever to respond. And then they start working fine.

Considering how some of your directories are just indexes of files, perhaps there’s a server problem. I suggest you drop a line to Support. I also suggest you start looking through your domain logs for any errors or other hints.


Hmm that’s odd, thanks a bunch for the help:), I’ll check the logs and then get onto support.