Extremely slow G2 gallery

Hi all,
I want to ask if it’s just my installation of the G2 gallery that runs horribly slow, or is that a general issue? Note that I am not accessing it from US but from Europe (Denmark and Austria).

Is the problem with DH, or my country, or my Internet provider, or my local network…? You can’t answer that of course, but I need to know if others find the G2 gallery lightning fast, or slow as molasses?

If you want to compare your gallery against mine, the URL is http://gallery.g-b.dk

Thanks for your comments!

I’ve always thought that Gallery2 was “slow”, but that is, of course, a pretty subjective and relative opinion. :wink:

Your gallery seems to run about as well as my galleries do, for what it is worth.

It took about 3 seconds for the first screen to load, about 2 seconds for the “Friends and Family” index to load, and about 8 seconds for the “Heli fliegen mit Markus” album screen with the 40 thumbnails to load.


Thank you for the quick reply. I liked that you were so precise.
Has anybody experiences with Picasa Web (Google)? Is that faster? (Though it does not integrate with my own domain, I’d be tempted to use it if it’s faster.)

You are welcome! I’ve used picassa, and I find it acceptable, but I generally don’t need all the “bells and whistles” of gallery2, picassa, flickr, etc.

I like igal, but the author’s page is no longer online (it’s still downloadable from a few places). There is an “enhanced” version available at http://www.trexler.at/igal/. Just FTP your pictures to a subdir, run igal, and you are done! :wink:

There is also a “new” implementation called "IIgal" that is recommended by another DreamHost user, and it looks nice also.

Depending upon what you need, you may be very happy with either of these.


One additional suggestion I have wrt figuring out why gallery is slow is to install the Firebug Firefox debugger. (And if you’re not running Firefox, install that first. :slight_smile:

It actually all seemed pretty fast to me - not blazing, but not particularly slow. I’d guess that it’s about the speed that rlparker described. My gallery is a bit faster, I admit. I have smaller thumbnails and it seemed to me that the actual transmit time of the thumbnails was a factor.

Did you turn caching on? What’s your latency to your server?

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