Extremely Slooow for Clamato Server

I have a website that is on Clamato server and the responses time is so slow even I have hard time post my blog. My site is not a high profile and has own a few visitors each day. I have filed supports and the replied is I have sent your request to the “Clamato” administrator. Whatever that meant and so far nothing is happening. I ask to switch server and the replied they are no longer doing that.

May be Dreamhost is a dream and marketing company after all. In the first beginning is fast and slowly deterioate to a point you plan to switch ISP even I am still have 7 months left.


I just know that. Since when it happened ?

Btw, what is your URL ?

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Thanks for the replied. my url is www.rockylam.com

Yes… it quite slow. But I thought it maybe cause by a design trick. I dunno.

You can analyze your site using http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/

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Maybe as suggested by rlparker in another post, provide traceroute ?

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Here is the traceroute:

Tracing route to rockylam.com
1 ( 0.396 ms 0.335 ms 0.306 ms
2 ge-1-1-0-278.r00.stngva01.us.wh.verio.net ( 0.448 ms 0.463 ms 0.351 ms
3 vl-5.r01.stngva01.us.bb.gin.ntt.net ( 0.478 ms 0.446 ms 0.292 ms
4 xe-1-2-0.r20.asbnva01.us.bb.gin.ntt.net ( 0.565 ms 0.569 ms 0.501 ms
5 ae-0.r21.asbnva01.us.bb.gin.ntt.net ( 0.478 ms 0.560 ms 0.512 ms
6 so6-2-0-2488M.ar1.DCA3.gblx.net ( 0.640 ms 2.592 ms 60.775 ms
7 te2-1-10g.ar3.LAX2.gblx.net ( 277.212 ms 217.046 ms 235.544 ms
8 NEW-DREAM-NETWORKS-LLC-Los-Angeles.ge-0-1-0.410.ar1.LAX3.gblx.net ( 211.754 ms 70.072 ms 69.984 ms
9 apache2-grog.clamato.dreamhost.com ( 69.971 ms 70.009 ms 69.954 ms
Traceroute Complete

Your site is slow enough to be virtually unusable for me :frowning: .

It took approximately 40 seconds for the first page to load, almost 20 seconds to load a couple of the other pages, and approximately 16 seconds to “refresh” the page displaying the plugins in use on your WordPress site.

And therein, lies a clue - what is it, 40 plugins installed? (I admit I got confused counting as the screen scrolled).

You can easily over-burden a shared server by operating plugins on a word press site - by operating too many plugins and/or having inefficient plugins.

All this involves various degrees of javascript and db access, and that can conspire to bring your site to a crawl.

I recommend:

  1. Log into the shell and check your server load - if you are running a number over 20, that may be part of the issue (though it might be your site that is causing the load, with very few hits to your site that may not be the case.)

  2. Temporarily disable as many plugins as you can possibly do without, test your site and see if there is a change.

  3. If the site runs better without the plugins (and it is almost guaranteed that it will) consider whether you really need these plugins and, if so, then start to add them back on one at a time until you see the performance again begin to suffer.

  4. By experimenting this way, you should be able to see which plugin is problematic , what combinations of plugins run well together, and which ones are just too much for your server.

  5. Relying on akismet for comment spam prevention can be hard on a server - if you have sufficient spam being caught, consider that all that spam-tracking takes processing time and hurts your server performance. You can mitigate this somewhat by only allowing comments where you really want them, and disabling them if not important.

  6. After you site has run awhile, you may need to index your database tables to keep performance “sharp”. There are many helps on doing this that you can locate via Google.

Note that the plugin usage may well account for the slow degradation of your site’s performance. Most people add plugins as they discover them and decide that they might be useful. When your site is new it usually does not have too many plugins installed, but as your site matures and you find a “new thing” adding plugins can get out of hand.

Of course, you can also contact support, but I strongly recommend you research these areas first… you might be able to solve most of your problem(s) yourself! :wink:


Another fairly helpful thing to try is to use the Firebug web developer plugin for Firefox. When enabled for your site, it will give you a breakdown of how long it takes to fetch each element of your site.

It has a whole bunch of other developer tools, but this is the one feature I thought would be helpful in debugging WordPress plugin slowness.

Once you start using Firebug you’ll wonder how you got on without it!

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