Extremely poor customer service


A simple matter of asking to have my domain reset or formatted back to scratch has taken over a week. They send a question and when you reply it take 48 hours. Thus I have been dead for way to long.


What exactly do you want done? “Reset or formatted” doesn’t sound like you’re sure what you want, so I’m not sure they would either.

There’s nothing that you can’t delete/remove/un-install/etc… through either the panel, FTP, or shell.

What is the exact issue that you feel support should be handling, instead of you?

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Why not just log in via FTP and delete all files within the web accessable directory for that particular domain?

Or are there some other changes that you have made that you would like reversed? As far as I know, any changes made via the panel can be unchanged just as quickly :slight_smile:


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The problem is that when you ask a question, it takes days to get a response and usually that’s another question or an incomplete answer. At least they are polite while you sit there unable to do work. I guess you get what you pay for, but I wonder if going to someplace like rackspace.com where they advertise “legendary service” would make a difference? I moved here from goduddy.com because of the same thing. How can a company have hundreds of thousands of clients that are supposed to know everything about hosting? I wouldn’t call the service poor, as I don’t expect much for 15 bucks a month, but even if they cannot answer the question they should at least answer it quickly. “Anonymous” is right, it takes forever to get answers from them. I asked for access to mod rewrite logs so I could see what was going on, and I was basically ignored for a few days then told to figure it out on my own. The sales team spent almost an hour on the phone with me answering all kinds of questions, but the tech support takes up to a week sometimes to respond. ( yes, 1 week ! ) This isn’t a fluke either, as it has happened for several requests/questions I’ve asked. I’m now on Day 5 of my question “is it possible to setup multiple subdomains via a script?” no answer so far… out of desperation I tried posting on these boards, but nobody knows either. I sure wish I had someone I could pay to fix problems in a timely manner. 5 days of waiting is killing me. I searched for various sub domain searches in the wiki but nothing really stood out as what I needed. It’s not like I can buy an apache book and see how to edit or set that up either, as I don’t really know what dreamhost’s config is ( thus the question to tech support ). At least the servers stay up most of the time … heh.


UPdate: I was upset when I posted. Come to find out my latest tech question was not received by them for some reason ( it wasn’t in their queue ) … now I get to duck my head and look all embarrassed. While the tech didn’t have an answer, it was about a 14 hour response time for my follow up question and she told me what was possible, and what was not. ( that’s what I needed to proceed )


These things happen. At least you had the decency to make the follow up post.


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