Extremely emergency! all domain 301 redirected!

Please DO look into my support tickets!!! IT¡¯S AN EMERGENCY!!!

All fully hosted domains under my account have been 301 redirected one of my domain, I don’t know what happenned, PLEASE DO TAKE LOOK INTO IT! OR I have to resubmit all my domains to search engine, WHAT A foo!

The support tickets number are #3063682 and #3063860


Any one come to help???

This website you should only count on regular users (to my knowledge) to answer your questions.

Coming here and posting trouble ticket numbers will not help anyone here to suggest things you could do to solution the problem.

So, if you want people here to help, you should give us a little more information, as we have no access to your support tickets.


Good luck

Check your .htaccess and index files for meta redirects. And remove them.

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Sorry guys, it was an emergency, I just got a little bit nervous after sent 2 support tickets without any response, I think it’s not a problem of my side, you guys could look into your primary account, SSH or FTP, you should have some sub-folders under /dh/web/, but my sub-folders seems disappeared automatically, all my files remain untouched, even .htaccess files, I believe that’s not a problem of me, I have around 15 domains binded to my VPS, and that’s very impossible I made some mistakes as adding 301 rule into so many .htaccess file simultaneously, and that situation happened just from one exact moment last night (UTC 8), it must be some one at DH did mis-operation or something else, I can’t imagine a hacker attack for now, I haven’t find any clues in my shell login or other logs file.

That’s all, this problem solved itself 6 hours after its occurance, I’m so sorry posted this shouting topic, but I still need an official answer.

Let us know what happened if you find out.

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:slight_smile: No reason to be sorry, everyone knows how frustrating it is to have your websites go down.

Glad things are fixed.