Extremely basic WordPress


I did the one-click install and now apparently have a database, an FTP account, etc.

What dashboard do I use to get started (learning) WordPress, and where do I find it?


You are getting started with wordpress!

Wordpress has detailed documentation in its official websites. I believe you can master it in days after reading this

And if you want to play wordpress, I’ll suggest you to create a free subdomain and install a brand new wordpress in the subdomain. Don’t forget to create a new database for the new wordpress. Play it and have fun with it. You can do (or try) whatever you like on the subdomain. You can simply remove the subdomain if anything goes wrong. After you master it, go back to your real domain.

Have fun!

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Well, I’ve been reading the Codex a little at a time, as it seems relevant, but it is only making a tiny bit of sense to me. People say that eventually it will all become crystal clear, and I have faith, but it’s apparently going to require a lot of hand-holding. Sigh.

So, I created a subdomain, but when I went to easy-install WordPress, it would only install in a new sub-sub-domain, which I did, but now I cannot seem to “see” it. There is only the first subdomain folder with nothing in it.


Do you see your new subdomain in the advanced mode?

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No, only the sub-sub-domain.

I’ve removed ALL the new stuff, and will now try to create the subdomain as I am installing WordPress.


Nope that doesn’t work either.


Strange. Let’s see what was wrong.

You can install WordPress in easy mode and advanced mode.

In easy mode, there will be a default name (sub domain name) like blog.yourdomain.com or blog.xyz.yourdomain.com I believe you can change it to any valid domain names like mynew.yourdomain.com.

In advanced mode, you will be asked which folder to be installed. There will be a domain list of all your domains and subdomains followed by a folder name. If you select mynew.yourdomain.com, wordpress will be installed to the root folder of mynew.domain.com. If you specify a directory name like myblog, it will be installed to myblog directory of mynew.yourdomain.com

What could be wrong? Do you mean you can’t install wordpress or it is installed but not working?

I just tried the easy mode installation. It says an email will be sent to you with your admin password. Have you received that email? Maybe it takes time for propagation of new domains.

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Patrick, thank you for your help and patience.

I successfully installed WordPress some days ago in my main domain folder. Everything appears to be there. As I don’t yet know what to do with it, I don’t know that it works, but assume so.

Per your suggestion, I added a subdomain. Using easy mode to install WP, I changed the default to the name of the subdomain. I received an error message that the subdomain already existed and I must pick another one.

I did, creating a sub subdomain, and completed the install. This sub subdomain never appeared in my domain list (and yes, I did check to make sure it wasn’t hidden) not was it visible via ftp. I did receive the email, yes.

It does take time to propagate, you’re right. Maybe I wasn’t sufficiently patient.

It’s entirely possible that my own flesh-and-blood CPU has been adversely affected by the heat we’ve been having. :wink: With a somewhat cooler brain this morning, I will try again.


OK, I’m wondering if some of my difficulties might not be due to the fact that my domain name registration has not yet been successfully transferred to DreamHost?


What’s the domain and the URLs for your main site and subdomain site?