Extreme n00b question about Putty

My username is set to SSH. From what I understand I ca open putty and login with the username and password combination listed in the control panel. Am I missing something? I keep getting an invalid password error. What else do I need to do?


Don M

How long has it been since you enabled SSH for that user? In my experience it can take a little while for such changes to make their way through the system.

Also, make sure you are connecting using either your domain name or the name of the DreamHost server you are on (mine is bixel.dreamhost.com).


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You mean you can login using the username and password of your unix login? Yes, that’s correct, as long as you’ve enabled shell access for that login and waited the 10 minutes it takes for that to be activated.

I was initially confused because I log in the the control panel using my email address and password.

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Make sure you are using the user name and password set up under users in the panel and not your panel username.

Just connect to your domain name in putty and everything should work

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Yes, I log in with my username (not email).

My username is configured SSH. (It was just FTP but I changed it to both.)

Currently I login with my servername: cayman.dreamhost.com and then enter my SSH enabled username and password. It chokes on the password.

I changed it to SSH access about 30 minutes ago.

Still having same problem.

FIXED! Yes, I was using the password for the Panel as opposed to the user (which is the same name). My confusion and my bad. Thanks everyone for the prompt help! -dm

I think the best thing to do is to just wait a little while longer. What does it say when you enter your password?

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