Extreme Downtimes

Has anyone had extreme downtimes over the past 24 hours? siteuptime.com is showing a 30% downtime for yesterday(6/21/06). I saw that there were some DNS issues yesterday, but it said that they would be fixed in 2 hours. My site is still down. I sent in a request for support about 5 hours ago with it marked very important. Really, I don’t mind frequent downtime due to denial of service attacks and what not, but are the support teams ready to respond to such an issue? It should never take over 2 hours, let alone 5, to respond to a “My Site is Down” support email.

Anyway, I just thought I would check to see if I was alone in the situation…

you are onot alone…


same here =\ a lot of downtime for me in the past day.

i’m pretty new to this forum, but i’ve had dreamhost for almost a year…

i can connect to hyperion.dreamhost.com (my ftp/ssh login) but not my site =(

According to Siteuptime.com, my site has been down since 5:37pm est. That means right at 11 hours of downtime. I’ve had the problem ticket in for 5 hours with no response. So I was just curious if I was the only one having these problems.

Yeah, downtime has been terrible recently. My monitors are showing 7 serious (>15 mins) outages since Monday, with a total downtime of 15 hours. That’s pretty bad.

Same here :frowning:

In fact, even worse- the WRONG site comes up when my sites URL is entered!

I’ve had a support request in for over 6 hours with no response. Guess they’re still working on the DNS issues.

I’m still sitting at 17hours consecutive downtime. It’s been 11 hours since my original inquiry. 3+ hours ago I recieved a reply saying that it would take up to 2 hours for a fix to go through. And yet, here we are still. Wow…how disappointing. They knew they were having DNS problems yesterday. There is no reason why they shouldn’t had these problems fixed before they left the office yesterday. Give overtime if needed. According to the guy who (finally) responded to my request, this is the fault of a bad config file that happened because of a planned upgrade…thats a pretty huge mistake…

I’m slightly upset at this point. I’ve had a good experience up until now, ignoring the small spurts of downtime here and there.

I can access your site without any difficulty.

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I have also had at least 7 outtages in the last week (and the site is down at the moment.)

Being a web development company, it doesn’t look terribly good.

Thanks for the link to siteuptime.com though, hadn’t seen that service.

My site has been down for about 21 hours. I got a pretty quick (personalized) reply last night after my help ticket went in, but for whatever reason, I am among the last to go back online. If ever. sigh

from status.dreamhost.com

"DNS Issues cont.

If you are still having problems viewing your domain please submit a support ticket with “Site Down” as your category. We are currently setting up groups of updates for customers writing in with “Site Down” as the category for your support request.


Category: Site Down

This should allow us to update your domain faster. "