Extreme DB File Size Difference. Is this normal?


About a year ago I asked about why the size of my exported database was different from the size of the same database in my DH panel (my exported file was 6MB but showed as 10+MB on DH). AndrewF was kind enough to respond that this is normal and that the size in the panel reflects the amount of storage used on the database server, which can include some overhead such as indexes and unused space and the backup file does not.

This seemed reasonable, except now the difference for this same database is 8+MB when I exported it though shell and shows as 90+MB on DH. This seems like a huge difference, so I am wondering if this is still normal or if I should be concerned. I do not believe my DB could be anywhere near 90MB. My website is just not that big! Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!


That is indeed a surprisingly large difference. Can you send me an email (link below this post) with details?


Thanks for your help, Andrew. Email sent.