Extracting weblog data into tables


I would like to create some custom reports based on my weblog data that I would then present on the passworded pages of my members in the form of tables and graphs. My thinking is that I would somehow extract data from the logs into a mysql table, then run reports and graphs off of that. These will be high-level summaries so the data won’t get too big.

Can anyone point me to a place where I can learn how to extract info from logs for my own purposes? is it even possible? I would appreciate it.


I like awstats for my reports.

The log files are pretty basic, and are space-delimited, with some fields using quotation marks to encapsulate a field. Extracting the data into a database is the more trivial aspect of what you want to do. The hard part will be interpreting and manipulating the data.

The logs are in your home directory’s “logs” folder.



And installing AWStats in DH is handy if you follow this article.

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You’re right on trying to interpret and extract useful data from a web log! With all the indexing hits, non-interesting records (gif’s, etc) and other stuff, I see why web log analyzers exist. thx.