Extracting List of Users

I made a mistake and left my forum unmoderated and ended up with about 20,000 porn spam posts.

I took care of editing that but now I want to delete the users. I had about 5000 people posting spam. Now that I have a better idea how to admin. it, I’d like to start fresh & delete all existing users, except myself.

In all the categories on the admin panel, from “Admin Index” at the top, down to “Ranks” at the bottom, I don’t see anything to get this taken care of.

Is there a way to do the kind of sysadmin task I’m describing, or do you have to enter the name of each and every user you want to ban (the ones that posted porn spam) in the “Ban Control” section ?

What forum are you using?

If I were you, I would do that in database.

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if its phpbb2 or 3 then doing it through the database isn’t a good idea since things get left in (according to them)

If its phpbb2 then i’d recomend upfrading to 3 before doing anything

Thank you for the replies !

I am currently using phpBB 2.0.22.

The Dreamhost page says I should upgrade to 2.0.23.

Does Dreamhost offer phpBB 3 ?

there is a version 2.0.23 but version 2 isn’t supported anymore by phpbb.com

The best option, depending on how phpbb was installed originally is to update it yourself


That’d only work if you have access to the files and database