Extract plesk backup to dreamhost


I’ve got a plesk backup file that I need to get the mysql db out of, so I can put it on my dreamhost account. My old host had a catastrophic failure and so I can’t use that. I need help urgently, is there anyone who can?

thanks squillions

A search of google reveed that only a plesk installaiotn can read that file. So you’re best bet would be to upload your plesk file to the server, and import it back into your account, and then do a traditional dump of the database and your files.

If that’s not going to work for you, I’d sigguest you pay for a month’s hosting at an other host that uses plesk, and do that same as above, BUT - beware. There may be versioning issues with your backup file. You’ll want to find a temporary host that is running the same version that your backup was created with.


unfortunately option a is not a goer for me, and afaik I can only restore a backup to a different server if I have admin access… it gets better and better

well, support from that host should be able to do it for you. I get the feelign it’s somethign pretty easy to do, on the server end.


FYI it is only possible to do from the admin backend - in the same version that it was created in. It’s a security thing to stop you mucking up the server configs I think - the version thing is just plesks not very backwards compativle backups…

I’ve got it finally but it was blood, sweat, tears… and my entire years salary in the swear box :wink: