Extra logins FTP

I have got a user set to access part of the server can I create access for another person to get onto this users part of the server too??

If you are talking about FTP users (or shell users), Not really. There are other ways to accomplish filesharing if that is what you are after, such as “filemanager” type scripts which let multiple users manipulate files in a directory via CGI.

The best approach depends on what exactly you are trying to do. :wink:


Well what I am aiming to do is to have the server and me and my friends upload our files onto there but with seperate logins and for it to be in the same place (all legal files btw) Also we want to have it so some sections users can’t see or we can lock them into a certain folder and not be able to go to the root.

You can explore around the DreamHost wiki, and the web via google, on *nix users, permissions, cron, etc. and try to cobble something together to accomplish that, but be forewarned it’s likely to get complicated on you.

There are lot’s of security and usability problems with such a scheme. :wink: