Extra files in Maildir

I’ve had a Dreamhost account for about 2 years now but I have no knowledge of setting up an email service on my server so I’m posting this here.

I am in the process of backing of the files of my server and I noticed that I have over 50K files in Maildir even though I never set it up or anything. Is this normal?

I host a forum on the site and a wordpress. That’s it. I’m pretty sure neither utilize the Maildir portion but I could be completely wrong.

Bounces from messages sent by your web site can end up in the Maildir on the web server. If your forum sends emails to newly registered users, for instance, you’ve probably got a bunch of bounces from users with invalid emails.

If you don’t need these emails (you probably don’t), you can safely delete them all.

That makes perfect sense and puts my mind at ease. Thanks for the quick reply!