Extra disk space interim plan

I sent this suggestion directly to DreamHost last week and am just curious if my suspicion is true: How many of you out there would be interested in a middle-of-the-road plan that would offer 250MB for $14.95/month (that would offer all same features as $9.95/month plan, but more disk space)??

Consider this a bit of grassroots customer validation work that will hopefully get enough response that will encourage the folks at DreamHost to seriously consider doing this. :slight_smile: No need for a long reply from folks; just say “yes” if you’re interested!

(2002-09-13 10:01:30 / #526336)

Greetings Dreamhost-

I’d like to suggest that you make available an interim pricing package
that offers the same features as the $9.95/month plan but more disk
space. I know that you currently offer additional increments of 10MB
for $1. What do you think about having a $14.95/month plan that offers
250MB (right in between the 100MB offered by the introductory plan and
the 400MB offered by the $19.95/month plan).

What’s the advantage for you? I would bet that many customers, like
myself, are in a position where they need more than 100MB of disk
space, but 400MB is still a bit more than I need at this point. In your
current pricing structure, I use an extra 20 or 30MB of disk space per
month. That amounts to just $2 or $3 per month (or $24 to $36 over a
year). I’m not ready to fork out the extra $10/month for 400MB, but I
would gladly pay an extra $5 per month for an additional 150MB of disk
space – it would be nice to have that additional cushion instead of
paying for the extra 20 or 30 that I use.

And what does this translate to monetarily? Well, you’d be getting an
extra $60 per year from me (rather than $24 to $36, so you’re doubling
your money there). Of course, I don’t know what your metrics are, but I
would guess you have AT LEAST 1,000 customers who would like to see an
interim plan like this (I don’t think there are many other Web hosting
providers, if any, that offer a plan in that price range, so you’d be a
trendsetter; there are, however, providers who offer 250MB at the
$10/month level). If those 1,000 customers are currently in same boat
as me (paying an extra 2 or 3 bucks per month for a little bit of disk
space). Assuming $2 per month from each of these 1,000 customers, why
not turn that $24k per year into $60k revenue per year and more than
double your revenue? I’m sure that would make the extra investment in
disk space well worth it! :slight_smile:

Please consider this offering or something like it. What about
surveying your customers in your next newsletter to gauge interest?