Extra Disk Space from Announcement

After after reading the famous, Josh’s almost everymonthly newsletter about diskspaces I went over to the trusty panel and had an look see on how much I had received… Puzzled at the low result I re-read the newsletter and found the paragraph clearly explained the quota increase as "we’ve even retroactively grown your limits based on how long you’ve been hosting with us already (up to a one year max)! "

So I opened up a ticked on support and got explanation back that the quota I was given is not actually based on how long you hosted at all, it is based on HOW LONG you been on a plan for, so everyone who changed plans recently like me, but have been a long term DreamHoster then you going to miss out on a heap of quota. :frowning:

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If this exact situation happened to you, and it’s REALLY bugging you, feel free to write into support and say “I didn’t get as much retro-upping as I should have, because I switched plans mid-year, but Josh said it’d be okay if I got upped as though I hadn’t anyway”!

And if they still say no, they’re in big trouble!


Firstly of course that was the exact situation that happened to me, why else would I be warning other DH customers about this situation.

My concern is the way Dreamhost have communicated this, if they said the quota was historically calculated based on how long you had a plan (upto one year maximum) I could fully understand, but that is so not what they said.

I know DH made a mistake when they he sent out the newsletter / announcement and rather than saying ok you got us, we wear this mistake, DH simply said well that is not what we meant and concluded the subject and I find that troublesome.

To me it is the principle of the matter.

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Personally, I think you should be more understanding. People today tend to de-humanize the efforts of companies too easily. This is a small company managing (effectively) lots and lots of clients. Please don’t slap them for the process not working out as smoothly as you wanted. This is a free upgrade and they built in this automated system, using the data which is easily computed; How long have you been under your current plan. Very simple and very effective overall (probably 98% were taken care of with no followup needed in my guess). However, there are bound to be people who have been missed due to circumstances as you’ve described. Rather than complaining about it and getting bent out of shape over a free perk, a gift, politely explain your circumstances and politely ask the dreamhost staff if they could also look into your profile more closely and apply credits accordingly.

“If this exact situation happened to you,”

I meant to say…

“Anybody else, if this exact situation happened to you,”

heh, of course it exactly happened to you! :slight_smile:

But yeah, support should have just given you the extra quota… and yes, the announcement should have said “plan” instead of “account” also!


FWIW, they communicate this when you change your plan. I’ve done it several times, and they communicated to me that I essentially have a new plan and that everything is as if I signed up that day. My new billing period starts the, everything.

No, I’m not a DH apologist. I give DH plenty of feedback, Josh knows that :o)

[quote]Rather than complaining about it and getting bent out of shape over a free perk, a gift, politely explain your circumstances and politely ask the dreamhost staff if they could also look into your profile more closely and apply credits accordingly.


Not meant to argue, but I don’t see anything wrong with complaining here. It’s an oversight of DreamHost. Of course, it’ not really a BIG deal, but it’s still a mistake on their part in not setting the correct parameter for this “gift”, and therefore inevitably leading to this complaint.

Moreover, please remember DreamHost is running a BUSINESS. Although I am VERY happy that they are upgrading their services (like tripling disk space and bandwidth and now this), all these are done NOT as charity but part of an overall business development planning in order to secure higher retainment rate and/or more new sign-up’s. The bottom line is: we are PAYING for them. So while I would say thanks as a courtesy, I know that I am WELL ENTITLED to it as a customer.

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I agree with this. As far as I’m concerned, my service just upgraded for free. Not only that, it is going to continue to be upgraded for the forseeable future, still for free.

When I signed up for the $15.95-a-month Code Monster deal (over a year ago now), I was already impressed with what I got for the money. Since then, the extra space, bandwidth, and features have made the deal sweeter than I could ever imagine. I find it hard to understand why anyone could be moaning about this.

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It’s free stuff!

I’ll take it.

You may wish to re-read my first posting as it clearly states I had already been via support when I was puzzled over the quota. I am not bent out of shape, it is not the disk space, heck I am not even using 10% of my account disk space, it is simply the principle of the matter. You just cannot turn around and say this is not what we meant, people just start calling lawers…

Anyway I think this thread has run it’s course if your quota increase is not what you expected then this is why…

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Looking at the disk space and bandwidth on the panel, I’ve found I’ve now got a whole year’s worth more than I was expecting.

I signed up a new account on 19 March this year (2 years, Crazy Domain Insane). I now have 67 weeks of added disk space and bandwidth. This figure seems to be the ~15 weeks I’ve actually had the account plus an extra 52 weeks.

Has anyone else seen this? Do I actually have this much disk space and bandwidth or will I be charged if I use it?



Hello, new customer here but love the service so far.

From this extra-space deal, I have what I like to call a “non-problem” problem. Suddenly, instead of 2400ish MB, I have 3460MB. This jump happened over a week or so. Being the honest sonofagun that I am, I’m going to let support know, just curious if anybody else ran into this?

My account has been credited by about 52 weeks more than I was expecting (see my other post to this thread). I haven’t contacted support yet.

It looks like this issue has been corrected now. The 52 weeks extra bandwidth and disk space have been removed from my account.