External subdomain on Dreamhost web server

I have an external domain registered on another registrar (.se) and would like to host a website on a subdomain (foobar.mydomain.se) on my Dreamhost account. How do I set this up? I’ll edit the DNS on the external registrar to CNAME whatever Dreamhost server I’m assigned, but I don’t know how to use the panel in order to tell Dreamhost what subdomain I’m using and which directory the files are in.

Is it even possible? I don’t want to manage my domain through Dreamhost, just host the website.

From memory, to avoid the “You do not control this domain” message you’ll first need to set up “mydomain.se” in your domains panel. Then you can add “foobar.mydomain.se” without problem.

Hmm, yeah, that seems to work.

Now I’ve just got to figure out why I can’t readd an old sub-domain after deleting it, since it gives me a “domain already in database!” error. :frowning:

Wanted to switch it from hosting to mirroring.

It might take time for the old one to completely clear.